At the agreed appointment time I will arrive outside of your home and plug in my mobile van to your electricity supply. I will ensure your pet is relaxed and happy by taking the time to get to know them and yourselves whilst completing a Grooming Record Card which covers medical and behavioural problems. In the case of a matted dog a Matted Pet Release Form will be completed.

Your pet will be shampooed and rinsed in the relaxing warm Hydrobath with natural products, suited to your dog’s coat.

The benefits of the Hydrobath include:


- A drastically reduced bathing time

- Provides full deep coat penetration, superior bathing and cleansing

- More comfort for pets during winter months

- Better coat and skin condition

- Improved pet comfort

- The 280 litre fresh water tank so no there is no need to EVER recirculate water


Depending on which service requested your dog will be clipped, scissored or hand stripped.

Feet pads tidied.

Nails clipped and ears cleaned if necessary.

General health check carried out.

Teeth cleaning if requested.

A cologne is then spritzed which soothes the skin, leaves the coat in tip top condition and smelling gorgeous.